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Online Course

                               Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills 

Online Course for Academic Credit
This Option includes the following:
 *This PICS Self-Counselling and Psychotherapy System - Manuals for each of 9 lessons
* The PICS Self-Counseling and Psychotherapy System- Programmed Workbook for each of 9 lessons 
*The PICS Self-Counselling and Psychotherapy System - Videos for Each of 9 lessons
*The Pics Self-Counselling and Psychotherapy System - Quizzes for each of 9 lessons
*Registrattion in the Forum
*Monthly PICS Newsletter
*Telephone and email access to instructor
*Credit Hour upon successful completion of the course (Contact Dr. S. Hambly for credit details)

A credit Certificate will be issues upon successful completion of all components of the course. This course may count towards your degree or professional certification. It is your responsibility to determine whether your professional association, college, or university will accept this course for credit hours. Members of E.O.C.P.C. may be eligible to take this course for credit. For Details
contact Dr. S. Hambly at

Tax Deductible Investment: $250

To Enroll in this course for credit go to: 

Learn The PICS Self Counselling System Online for Credit!

Yes! Learn to counsel and do psychotherapy with The PICS Self Counselling System and get 3 credit hours toward your degree. The PICS Self Counselling System can be used by your clients directly, as a guided therapy approach, or you can use the program with clients in face-to-face sessions. Take The PICS Self Counselling System training course from the privacy and comfort of your own office. Save on travel time. Avoid the inconvenience of being in a specific place at a specific time. Access The PICS Self Cousnelling System 24/7 until you complete the course requirements for credit. Call Dr. Stephen Hambly at 905-639-0137 or email Gary Screation Page Ph.D. at for more information. Save time, save travel, access to course 24/7, start anytime, start now! A diploma will be given upon completion.

Perfectng Interpersonal Coping Skills

Self-Counselling System

By Gary Screaton Page, Ph.D.

General Practice Psychotherapist
By Letters Patent Government of Canada

Distance Learning E.O.C.P.C. Course - Course Certification given by E.O.C.P.C.

* From the privacy of your own home
* No Travel
* Access 24/7
* At the times you choose
* At your own pace (up to 9 weeks to complete the course).
* Earn extra income (See below)

Here is  course that will change you and help you help your clients change, too. This course is worth three credit hours towards any of the degrees (Associate, Bachelors, and Masters) offered by the Canadian Christian Theological Seminary of The Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association and College, Calgary, Alberta.

EOCPC Website -
CCCCA Website -

9 Learning Modules

Includes Notes, Videos, Activities, Quizzes
3 Credit hours towards your degree (Associate, Bachelors, Masters)
(Note: You may work through the lessons faster if you choose)

Help you and your clients overcome problems with:
* Anger management
* Affection and intimacy
* Feeling left our or being ignored
* Being comfortable with taking orders or otherwise being told what to do (e.g. by parents, boss, friends, teachers)

By the end of this course you will:
* Understand the meaning of social stimuli
* Be able to identify which social stimuli are most troublesome
* Know the differences among observations, inferences, and evaluations and how important that understanding is.
* Know how to effectively use PICS 7 Steps to Personal Freedom yourself and with clients
* Know the important difference between external and internal stimuli
* Be able to respond rationally to your own "button pressers"
* Take control of your life so others don't!
* Help your clients use this program to change their lives for the better

Course Description
The course consists of 9 lessons. Each takes you one step closer to freedom to be all you choose to be. Lesson by lesson you will learn to master your own interpersonal coping skills as you have never done before. By the time you complete all 9 lessons you will know how to "take control of your life so others don't!" You will also be able to help others do the same. The skills in each lesson are easy-to-learn, practical, and liberating. They work!

In this course you will learn:
* How the behaviour of others affects you
* How certain behaviours came to affect you the way they do
* How you learned to respond as you do
* How to change your feelings about other people's behavior
* How to change your evaluations of those behaviours
* How to reinterpret those social stimuli
* To be freer and more able to deal with others
* To understand "feelings" in a whole new way
* How to be more comfortable speaking in public
* To manage your anger and better handle the anger in others
* To be more comfortable when you feel ignored
* Change your feelings about being ignored
* How to manage your sadness and the sadness of others
* To cool your "hot buttons" and take control of your relationships to others
* How to help others as this course will help you

The 9 Lessons 
Lesson 1: The beginning of Wisdom
Lesson 2: Discovering Your "Hot Buttons"
Lesson 3: Observation, Inference, and Evaluation
Lesson 4: How Do You Know That What You Thought They Said Is What They Meant?
Lesson 5: Who's Pressing Your Buttons?
Lesson 6: Where Did That Come From?
Lesson 7: Cooling Your "Hot Buttons"
Lesson 8: Feelings, Emotions, and Actions: What You Don't Know Will Surprise You!
Lesson 9: The "Hot Buttons" Within You

This 9 lesson course is only $250. You have the option of doing the course in your own time, at your own pace within the 9 week maximum allowed for completion. However, to receive credit for this course, you must complete all activities and lesson quizzes within the 9 week maximum allowed.


Download the PDF Course documents and audio/video files and get started today.

Save the documents to your PC or Tablet. Read them as is, or print them out and read them at your leisure.

1. Log in the Student Area and complete your profile
2. Join the "Online Campus" and participate in The PICS Counselling & Psychotherapy System forum
3. Get your questions answered by instructor Gary Screaton Page Ph.D. during his 9 weekly live teleconferences
4. Powerpoint audio/visual presentation, manual, and workbook for all 9 lessons
5. Earn income as PICS Counselling & Psychotherapy System Associate Licensee when you successfully complete the course. Learn how with your first lesson